This section offers a selection of writings from our featured author, Jean-Claude Koven.

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Why Hope is Hopeless

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that hope is a wonderful concept. We are told that without it, people are doomed to despair. What our pundits fail to reveal is that hope is about as desperate as it gets. All words — like sounds and colors — have a vibrational frequency. If we intend to increase our Awareness then it’s vital that we monitor everything we think and say and attempt, in each instance, to transmit the highest level of expression. Each word we choose carries its own Light/Love quotient that either elevates or debases.

The higher states of Awareness (densities) deal in ever increasing levels of subtlety. By contrast, the myriad cultures of the twenty-first century are clearly moving in the opposite direction. Our popular entertainment, sports, politics, financial dealings, treatment of the environment, and armed conflicts can hardly be viewed as moving us toward the Light.

Add the word ‘I’ as you read each word below aloud,
and feel the level of its vibration.

Can you just hear it?


And on the seventh day God beheld the Heavens and the Earth,
viewing all He had created and proclaimed,
“Gee, I hope this all works out.”

For a moment, look past the reverberating aftermath of 9/11 and see — truly see — what stands before us. This is a magnificent opportunity C a sudden, ephemeral portal inviting us to enter into a higher state of our own consciousness. In a way, the political events that triggered those momentous events take on a secondary meaning. They are catalysts, lost in the grandeur of what they have precipitated.

We sit at the crossroads, the problem presented to us provides the position of the chessmen, and is expressed simply as, “White to mate in three.” Except to historians and those who delight in commentary, does it really matter how we got here?

This is our moment of choice. Do we transcend rhetoric or succumb to fear, rage and revenge — the three cattle prods so adeptly wielded by our drovers? See how effectively these words are used to deflect us; turning us here, then there, until we end up precisely where we are directed.           What’s in a word? Everything! It is an analogue of the energetic spectrum of Creation. Each word’s vibration reverberates with the full force of our intention echoing beyond the outer rim of infinity. Words entrain. They mesmerize. They can restrict or empower.

The wor(l)d game is played with great skill and cunning by highly trained professionals. These people head our governments and industry, edit our media, deliver our diversions and sermons, and run our banking and financial institutions. They speak to us in great earnest from our TVs and newspapers using the language of reason and concern. They play the role of parents protecting us from the bumps in the nights.

And we let them. We have always let them.

Beware Greeks bearing gifts! Beware of being led — so cleverly led — away from the prize of the moment. Beware of bartering one atom of freedom; one gram of spirit; one iota of your essence.

These are fascinating times. Awaken; wipe the sleep from your eyes. Watch carefully and note how the swirls and eddies of the human condition shape events. Take no action; do not judge. Simply observe. The patterns are there. You will see them easily once you master the ability to disengage. Notice how each of these patterns moves through you as well. This is the nature of the universal hologram — the “as above, so below.”

And this understanding is the key to your role in
our 21st century Passion Play.

What if…. “we are all ONE,” were really true? What if…. you and the world were so inextricably entwined that when; you sneezed, someone in Bangladesh caught cold?

What if…. what you thought, said and did really mattered?

What if…. you suddenly became the central control module of planet; earth and the entire world was directly wired to you?

Here is your challenge: For the next twenty-four hours imagine that the fate of the world rested solely on you. Monitor yourself carefully. If you speak or feel lovingly, visualize tensions dispelling somewhere in the Mideast. If you experience a bout of road rage or the frustration and impatience of reaching an automated telephone tree, visualize a comparable burst of negativity, such as a bombing or flooding, somewhere in Europe.

The specifics aren’t important. Just note the quality of energy in each thought, word or deed and allow your imagination to project that energy into a physical or political analogy somewhere in the world. If you are willing to do this for just one day, you will receive, in return, a wondrous gift.

There are no collective solutions.
Stop looking to others for the answers

What happens now to all of us depends solely on you.

I Was There

Before the first dawn, I was there
Emerging as the seas slowly subsided
Forged and heaved from my mother’s womb
Her testament to form

Chiseled by endless rain
Enduring the blasts of arctic winds
And the burning rays of unfiltered sun
I remained in silence

I was there to bear witness to the first star
As the eternal mists finally parted
I heard the first bird erupt in song
And felt the first caress of root tentatively exploring me

The first, faltering amphibian steps were borne by me
It was I who echoed the first word as man awoke
The great floods came and swallowed me once more
And the vast blankets of ice taught me patience

I am a child of the infinite and long, like you
To complete my journey home
Now that you have held me in reverence, we are one
Together we return to God