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Archive of past articles for the UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum by Jean-Claude Koven

Each article is approximately 1,000 words in length and delivers a complete, stand-alone teaching. You are free to use any (or all; one per issue) of these articles to reprint in your publication, provided you include the entire tag line appearing at the bottom of each article. If you are reproducing the article in electronic format, please use the link to the article. Thank you.


In the Presence of Ascended Masters

Once each year a number of masters from the heavenly realms gather to interact with a few, self-selected humans. This magnificent boon is granted over a period of three days only to those who feel called to make the pilgrimage ...
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In Search of Love

Love is the ultimate test of human character. When the moment arrives, most people whimper in retreat rather than risk everything in the hope of experiencing unfathomable ecstasy. The choice is seldom easy ...
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In God We Trust

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. Pollsters would have you believe that they accurately reflect the thinking of the American public. This is anything but true when they pare complex issues into a simple yes or no answer then report the results as the will of the majority ...
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How Far Down the Rabbit Hole Would You Like to Go?

In our world of instant gratification we increasingly look to mass communication channels for our messages. CDs, DVDs, movies, books, and seminars have all but replaced personal investigation as our source of information. Too many of us have become armchair metaphysicians, no more prepared for a journey into the Great Mystery than to run a marathon ...
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Getting Past Our Fear of God

From the beginning of recorded history, religious clerics used the fear of God to control and manipulate their believers. Many of our cultures’ heinous acts continue to be justified as the will of God. How do we put a stop to this worldwide problem? ...
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Forget Peace in Our Time

The harder we strive for peace on Earth, the more elusive it becomes. All the marches, concerts, and prayers seem to have been for naught. Why has peace in our time become such an impossible objective? ...
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Finding God Outside of Religion

As the world grows increasingly dangerous, increasing numbers of us are looking for God outside of mainstream religions. What we’re discovering there threatens the very fabric of our societies ...
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Failed Resolutions

At the onset of each year, we are judged. Finding ourselves wanting, we condemn ourselves to the yoke of resolutions that make a mockery of who we truly are. Let’s end this barbaric ritual once and for all ...
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Evolutionary Monkey Business

The raging debate over the origin of life pits science against God in a heated and bitter battle. Why are the stakes so high and what are both sides failing to see? ...
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Does Anyone Really Care?

It’s been more than five years since the 9/11 and ground zero still looks like a scarred battle zone. One extraordinary woman is making certain we never forget those who died there ...
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Dismissing Da Vinci

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. Dan Brown’s runaway best-seller, The Da Vinci Code is shaking the foundations of Christendom. The battle lines are clearly drawn and the stakes are uncommonly high. The outcome has yet to be determined ...
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Confessions of a Metaphysical Huckster

The greatest hawkers on this planet are not car salesmen or infomercial producers. The real superstars are the ones who sell us the word of God. Let the buyer beware! ...
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A Call to Action

We have too little time left to entertain the wishful remarks of political and spiritual hacks. It’s time we remembered who we really are and reclaimed our personal power. The choice is simple: we either act or perish ...
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Breaking All the Rules

If you were offered the opportunity to live out every one of your fantasies free of any consequences, would you dare accept the challenge to explore your dark side? ...
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Bigger Ain’t Necessarily Better

A lot of folks are disturbed by the way profit-driven businesses are drifting out of touch with the customers they claim to serve. If we’re not mindful, our personal relationships will inevitably follow suit ...
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Being Here Now

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. Mystics teach us that the only way to reach God and open ourselves to the gifts of the higher realms is to be completely in the present. Here is the easiest way to make it happen ...
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Being a Lightworker

Millions of people claiming to be Lightworkers pray, march, and demonstrate for peace, yet our entire planet appears to be plunged ever deeper into turmoil. Could it be these well-meaning souls are completely missing the mark? ...
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Angels in Our Midst

Now that we are in the throes of the long-awaited shift, humans are being graced with the presence of angelic beings to help us with the transition. From the moment you meet one of these exquisite beings, your life will be forever changed ...
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Anatomy of a Scam

All the white light, prayers, and invocations can’t protect you from yourself. The part of us that wants a good deal can get us into deep trouble unless we watch out ...
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A Meaningful Life

We all want a rich, fulfilling, and meaningful life, but few of us seem to have the courage to make it happen. This may be the perfect time to break all the old patterns and move in a new direction ...
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  • Why Humans Make Lousy Lovers We are attracted to sex because of the powerful energy it can generate. Unfortunately, few of us have ever experienced this dynamic expression of universal love beyond its lowest levels. Sex offers a rich, pleasurable, and potent road to personal ascension—once you and your partner clear the blockages in your lower three chakras.
  • Where in God’s Name Did We Go Wrong? How can so many people who claim to love God hate each other? Why didn’t our all powerful, loving God stop us from creating the mess we’re now in? Somewhere along the line, our basic belief systems went terribly wrong.
  • We’ve Been Living in a Dream World The vast majority of us are not who we’ve been pretending to be. We are unwitting charlatans and deceivers fooling others along with ourselves. It’s time to set record straight.
  • Do You Really Want to Know the Truth? Conflict arises solely from the refusal to shift the point from which one views: What you see depends on where your looking from. An interesting exploration of why people perceive so many different versions of truth.
  • Will the World Really End on December 12, 2012? As we approach the calendar date predicted by the Mayans and other indigenous people as the end of our age, this question is becoming an increasingly burning concern.
  • Escaping the Illusion’s Web: Why you’re trapped in your current life and how to change it
  • An Indecent Preposition discusses the difference between perceiving things happen for you instead of to you. This helps to explain the nature of fear and the sense of separation most people feel.
  • Did You Really Mean to Say That? shows how the subject matter of our conversations shapes our lives. Compares the vibrational differences between gossip, relating and exploring.
  • How to Tell if You’re Not From Here explains why so many people feel Earth is not their real home. Lists the classical symptoms that are common to those who came here from distant dimensions.
  • The H Word. Each word we speak or write has a unique vibrational frequency that affects both the sender and receiver. Every time we unconsciously say the overused word “hope”, we actually reinforce belief in a hopeless condition.
  • Who Screwed Up? explores how belief and dualistic, judgmental thinking lie at the root of all personal, social, cultural and international problems.
  • Why Your Life Makes No Sense explains why so many people feel a gnawing void in their lives. Asking, “Who am I?” or “Why am I here?” are meaningless until you understand how ‘here’ came to be.