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Archive of past articles for the UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum by Jean-Claude Koven

Each article is approximately 1,000 words in length and delivers a complete, stand-alone teaching. You are free to use any (or all; one per issue) of these articles to reprint in your publication, provided you include the entire tag line appearing at the bottom of each article. If you are reproducing the article in electronic format, please use the link to the article. Thank you.


Spiritual Breakthrough

The spiritual journey is riddled with the lure of false prophets and deceptive practices. Where does a true seeker go to reconnect with divine purpose? ...
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America’s ‘Sicko’ Diagnosis

Michael Moore’s stinging documentary, Sicko, makes a strong case that our current inefficient healthcare industry may actually be the alarming symptom of a dying America ...
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She Created Me

How we evolve into what we ultimately become is question for the ages. In my case it was neither fate nor self-determinism, but the vision of an incredible woman who conjured me into existence ...
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Road Rage – Dying to Prove a Point

Nothing exposes the dark side of human nature like the uncommon sense of anonymous power derived from being at the controls of a fast-moving car. You may not be as safe as you thought you were ...
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Reversing the Curse

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. More than 99 percent of the population is still subject to an ancient curse that was deliberately cast to make slaves of the human race. For the first time, the deadly effects of this genetic tampering can be permanently reversed ...
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Relationship: The Ultimate Frontier

With the greatest challenges come the greatest rewards. Nothing will thrill, test, tantalize, taunt, and make you feel more fully alive than a totally committed relationship. Here’s how to make it happen ...
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Reclaiming Your Personal Power

People all over the world are finding the courage to step out of their shells and become vibrant and effective agents of change. Their simple recipe for success can change your life in less than two months ...
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Pretending to be Human

It’s not easy for extraterrestrials to pass as real humans unless they pretend so intently that they ultimately forget who they really are. You may well be one of them ...
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Prayer vs. the Pill

If prayer has such extraordinary power to accomplish miracles, why does modern medicine refuse to take it seriously? With so much at stake, choosing the wrong kind of treatment can cost you more than your life ...
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Pondering the Secret

The recent blockbuster book and movie “The Secret” promises to deliver whatever you ask for on a silver platter. Hardly anyone stops to think: what is really worth asking for? ...
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A Perfect Moment

Every perfect moment is an expression of love. They used to happen rarely until I discovered how to break through my own fears ...
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Peaceful Warriors

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. In many minds, the glory of conquests and empire reflects greatness of human enterprise; in others, it simply reveals the basest nature of humanity. Each of us must ultimately join the internal battle of love vs. force. This one man’s story speaks for us all ...
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Peace Really Does Depend on You

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. The solution for worldwide peace has always been there, right under our noses. But it requires more of us than we seem willing to give. Now, with our backs to the wall, we have run out of options. The choice is simple: act or perish ...
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Unable to see past the dictates of our self-righteous ideologies, we act in the name of some sacred or holy concept fully believing we do the work of the virtuous. Can we possibly wake up in time to realize how misguided we’ve been? ...
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A Mythic Journey

Thousands of years ago, powerful gods and goddesses roamed the Earth taking adventurous initiates on epic journeys of discovery. I recently discovered they still do … provided you know where to find them ...
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The Myth of Equality

Thomas Jefferson may have written that all men are created equal, but he never meant for them to live that way. Our history books gloss over our founding fathers’ real intentions to foster a class-based society. In America, as in the rest of the world, equality has never existed ...
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Let’s Get the Bad Guys

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. The Middle East is a house of mirrors that twists truths into convenient justifications. Killing seems such an easy solution, but before pulling the trigger maybe you’d better be sure you’ve got the real culprit in your sights ...
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Let God Do It

Ever wonder what happens when man’s will and God’s will clash? The uncomfortable answer may be far different than you ever imagined ...
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Leading Sheep to Slaughter

Eager souls, naively trusting those who claim to offer wisdom, purpose, or direction, are prime pickings for the new breed of charlatans planning to lead them to spiritual abattoirs ...
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Is Nothing As It Seems?

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. The tangle of deception in the Middle East has us completely fooled. If you're willing to look past the obvious nonsense fed to us by the prolific propaganda mills, you'd discover a story far different from anything you might have conjured in your wildest dreams ...
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  • Why Humans Make Lousy Lovers We are attracted to sex because of the powerful energy it can generate. Unfortunately, few of us have ever experienced this dynamic expression of universal love beyond its lowest levels. Sex offers a rich, pleasurable, and potent road to personal ascension—once you and your partner clear the blockages in your lower three chakras.
  • Where in God’s Name Did We Go Wrong? How can so many people who claim to love God hate each other? Why didn’t our all powerful, loving God stop us from creating the mess we’re now in? Somewhere along the line, our basic belief systems went terribly wrong.
  • We’ve Been Living in a Dream World The vast majority of us are not who we’ve been pretending to be. We are unwitting charlatans and deceivers fooling others along with ourselves. It’s time to set record straight.
  • Do You Really Want to Know the Truth? Conflict arises solely from the refusal to shift the point from which one views: What you see depends on where your looking from. An interesting exploration of why people perceive so many different versions of truth.
  • Will the World Really End on December 12, 2012? As we approach the calendar date predicted by the Mayans and other indigenous people as the end of our age, this question is becoming an increasingly burning concern.
  • Escaping the Illusion’s Web: Why you’re trapped in your current life and how to change it
  • An Indecent Preposition discusses the difference between perceiving things happen for you instead of to you. This helps to explain the nature of fear and the sense of separation most people feel.
  • Did You Really Mean to Say That? shows how the subject matter of our conversations shapes our lives. Compares the vibrational differences between gossip, relating and exploring.
  • How to Tell if You’re Not From Here explains why so many people feel Earth is not their real home. Lists the classical symptoms that are common to those who came here from distant dimensions.
  • The H Word. Each word we speak or write has a unique vibrational frequency that affects both the sender and receiver. Every time we unconsciously say the overused word “hope”, we actually reinforce belief in a hopeless condition.
  • Who Screwed Up? explores how belief and dualistic, judgmental thinking lie at the root of all personal, social, cultural and international problems.
  • Why Your Life Makes No Sense explains why so many people feel a gnawing void in their lives. Asking, “Who am I?” or “Why am I here?” are meaningless until you understand how ‘here’ came to be.