Engaging in Unprotected Cellular Communication

Engaging in Unprotected Cellular Communication

The overwhelming majority of the world’s 2.5 billion cell phone users are exposing themselves (and others) to unprecedented risk. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones from this insidious danger.

There’s little doubt I’m judgmental – perhaps downright prejudicial is more accurate. I view people who smoke or hold a cellular phone to their ear while driving as a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. The data confirming the dangers of secondhand smoke make a perfect bookend with the statistics that establish driving with one hand while dialing with the other as a significant cause of increased traffic accidents.

The list of countries already prohibiting the use of handheld cell phones while driving is quite impressive, as are the number of jurisdictions that ban smoking in restaurants, governmental buildings, and other public places. You might think we are well protected by our benevolent legislators – but I wouldn’t bet on it.

The issue is not as simple as I first believed. While researching an earlier article on the recent worldwide reduction in the honey bee population, I became aware of Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome (MSS),a far more insidious problem whose solution is more elusive than simply giving up smoking or putting down your cell phone while driving.

According to George Carlo, M.D., the celebrated author of “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age” and chairman of the nonprofit Science and Public Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., the current level of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that bombard us from a combination of sources makes a normal, healthy life all but impossible. According to Dr. Carlo, many of the old studies pronouncing cellular phones harmless are fatally flawed. They incorrectly assume that the risk of EMFs could be evaluated in terms of thermal mechanism data – akin to the heating of a microwave oven. He says we should be far more concerned about the biological impact of EMFs from three unique sources:

(1) Extremely low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field waves are emitted by power lines and communication/transmission devices. ELFs have a magnetic impact on the local physiology of our bodies by disrupting the gap-junction communication between cells.

(2) Ionizing radiation (IR), at the other end of the spectrum, produces a field of extremely high electrical energy. This radiation comes from natural origins such as sunlight and lightning, as well as man-made devices like X-rays. Because the damage of IR is so severe, our scientists tell us there is a threshold of safe exposure beyond which the risk of cancer dramatically increases.

(3) Radio frequency radiation (RFR) lies between the magnetic and electrical extremes of the energy spectrum. Dr. Carlo calls RFR “a raw microwave signal,” normally much too fast for the human body to recognize (1,900 million cycles per second compared to a heart beat at only two cycles per second). However, if 100 watts of power is put behind an RFR signal, it will heat tissue, just as a microwave oven heats food.

The current telecom technology, which breaks phone conversations into packets in order to facilitate multiple simultaneous conversations on one frequency band, forms a secondary, information-carrying radio wave (ICR) that is recognized by the body. The vibrational receptors in the cell membrane are able to pick up radio signals that oscillate in the hertz-to-kilohertz range. As the ICR impacts the cell, the vibrational protein recognizes it within milliseconds. Because these waves are manmade rather than natural, the body interprets them as a foreign invader and reacts as if it is under siege and needs to immediately protect itself.

According to Dr. Carlo, the active transport channels in the cell wall, where nutrients go in and waste products come out, begin to shut down – like closing the doors in a castle. The nutrients in the interstitial river between the cells are locked out. Without these nutrients, the cells become energy-deficient, which affects their ability to communicate with surrounding cells.

Intercellular communication is essential for our well-being. Carlo points out: “When cells are working together, (and) are talking to each other and working together, you have a tissue. When tissues are talking together and working together, you have an organ. When (organs are) talking together and working together, you have an organism like a human. So when you disrupt intercellular communication, you are disrupting a fundamental physiological process.” When intercellular communication is disrupted, the immune system doesn’t operate as it should. This puts the organism at risk – for cancer, for instance. Carlo describes: “So now you have a micronucleus that is a piece of wild DNA that is sitting in a nutrient-rich environment and it is free to clone and proliferate. That is the mechanism for the development of a tumor.”

Viewing the impact of EMFs at the biological cellular level makes it possible to explain the variety of symptoms reported as due to EMF exposure. For instance, the increased incidence of autism in the past few years has been linked with exposure to ICRs. “Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome has been around for about 25 years. Originally, this type of condition was the result of high chemical exposures; we used to call it chemical sensitivity. Now we have identified the same type of condition in patients who are exposed to various types of electromagnetic radiation. It is a medical problem.”

Nor does one have to be holding a cell phone in order to be affected by EMF exposure. Just as those who never smoke can be exposed to the hazards of smoke inhalation, those who never use cellular phones are subject to the dangers of EMF radiation. Consider the dramatic proliferation of transmission towers, as well as the recent introduction of satellite radio and television, wireless Internet, cordless phones, and other remote devices that change channels, turn on thermostats, open garage doors, and otherwise allow us to control our immediate world with our fingertips. According to Dr. George Yao, an expert on electromagnetic frequencies, the typical American is exposed to EMF radiation up to 200 million times more intense than his or her ancestors took in from the sun, stars, and other natural sources.

To be fair, I must report that the views propounded by Dr. Carlo and others are not universally accepted. An impressive number of credible people argue that the data are inconclusive and more testing is needed. Obviously, time will tell which view is more accurate. In the meantime, it is up to us to determine what steps (if any) we want to take to protect ourselves. With the caveat that I am no expert on the subject, and that the following is only my personal interpretation of reports I have read, coupled with conversations with others more knowledgeable than I, here is my conclusion: take immediate action.

One of my inviolate rules in life is to take note whenever the universe provides me with information. On my recent speaking tour in Cyprus, I had the good fortune to spend time with Igor Cetojevic, M.D. Along with his considerable medical expertise, Dr. Cetojevic is an expert on the detrimental effects of geopathic stress (GS), a form of natural radiation rising up through the earth. After several years of lecturing on the subject and helping his patients reorient their living spaces to minimize the effects of GS, he came across a device made in the United Kingdom called RadiTech that not only neutralizes the harmful effects of GS but also counteracts EMF. I ordered one of their larger models (sent from the factory in the UK) and immediately plugged it into the electric circuitry of our house. While the device is not readily seen, it is noticed: most people coming into our home comment that the energy feels somehow different: more serene, gentler – even safer. Unscientific, perhaps, but it works for me.

For years I’ve worn a pendant around my neck called a Q-Link that helps ward off EMF radiation wherever I may be. In addition, I keep an Energia 500TM, the baby version of the RadiTech, on my desk to shield me from whatever nefarious emissions my computer might be sending my way. Because of its relatively small size (2” x 2” x 5”), it is ideal as an energetic shield in hotel rooms as I travel. I have recently ordered enough of the BioPro cell chips to neutralize the potentially harmful EMF emissions from our cellular and portable phones as well as our two family cars. I am sure there are many other wonderful products on the market claiming similar benefits, and I encourage you to do your own research before making a decision. In the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to reveal that I have no known connection with any of the respective companies mentioned and I was given no discount on any of the products I purchased.

Yes, I’ve taken the conclusions of the data I’ve reviewed to heart. Some might say I’m paranoid, but I would argue that I have paid a relatively small price for peace of mind. As for those who continue to engage in unprotected smoking and cell phone use, I can only offer a very judgmental “tsk-tsk.”

Jean-Claude Gerard Koven is a writer and speaker based in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. He was a featured weekly columnist for the UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum and is the author of Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense, recipient of both the Allbooks Reviews Editor’s Choice Award and the USABookNews.com Award for the Best Metaphysical Book of the Year.

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