Being Here Now

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven.

Mystics teach us that the only way to reach God and open ourselves to the gifts of the higher realms is to be completely in the present. Here is the easiest way to make it happen.

Epiphanies – those moments of sudden perception that bring a significant realization – are all too rare for most of us. When I look back on my life, I see each of them as a monumental moment that irrevocably shifted the direction of my life.  I was musing over what one could do to increase the frequency of these blessed events when I was struck by an amazing realization: they all shared a common sense of timelessness. They have hardly ever been triggered by deliberate effort. They have come rarely and unexpectedly, yet almost always in moments when I have disengaged from any considerations of past or future.

For example, one evening I was watching the sea swallow the last piece of the sun, setting off a wondrous display of swirling colors emanating from the horizon. The beauty of it mesmerized me, and for the following few minutes of Earth time, the “I” that deals with day-to-day life on this planet dissolved into the experience and ceased to exist.

Then the epiphany struck. It swept through me in a torrent of pure love energy, activating dormant DNA, cleansing encysted cellular memory, and aligning my energy field with some higher cosmic source – a realization that etched itself into my consciousness with such intensity that not a day goes by without my perceiving through the lens of its teaching.

The message was at once deeply personal and universal. It came first as a feeling of bliss of a magnitude I had never before experienced. The words, when they finally came, were simply the residue of its glory, a souvenir I could bring back with me when I returned to the familiar illusion of human existence: “The greatest gift I can ever receive is to have sufficient consciousness to realize that I am bearing witness to creation. Anything else I might seek in addition to that only serves to diminish what I already have.”

In a stroke, I understood who I am and why I  – along with every other being on this planet – am so cherished by the Oneness. We are but points through which the All That Is views and experiences its infinite nature. God and all of creation are one. Perhaps this is what the nondualists, like Eckhart Tolle, are trying to tell us. There is only the now, a timeless infinity from which the illusion of time, space, and causality emanates.

The journey back into that exquisite state of being is easier that any of us might imagine. Several years ago the secret of how to attain it was given to me in the form of a rap song delivered by a two-and-a-half-foot raccoon named Rocky. Dressed in a brocade vest with a cockeyed orange bow tie and a cane, he was hardly the image one expects of a master of the Great Mystery.

It’s the Attitude ‘bout Gratitude

Makes for Plentitude.

Don’t matter where you’ve run,

Gotta come back from afar.

Who cares whatcha’ done?

What counts is whatcha’ are.

Gotta have the Fortitude

Hangin’ thru the Rectitude

If yo’ wants to get the Magnitude!

Check out yo’ inna Verisimilitude,

Refine yo’ Exactitude

In the stillness of yo’ Solitude.

Gotta stop the constant chatter,

Find the soul in all you see.

Move on past the world of matter,

Look into the Eyes of Infinity.

Give yo’self some Latitude,

Amp up yo’ Aptitude

If yo’ wants to reach the Beatitude!

The way’s been opened to take you higher

Once you’ve leaped into the consuming fire

To rise anew in brilliant flashes

Like the Phoenix born from burning ashes.

Yo’ wanna transcend mere Platitude?

Move past yo’ ideas of Gratitude,

Master the art of Desuetude,

And embrace the world of OMNITUDE!

This little ditty came to me in a download (a stream of information coming from a higher aspect of my own being) as I was writing Going Deeper. Like the main character in the book, I didn’t take it very seriously when I first read it. It wasn’t until the epiphany by the sea that I began to appreciate what the comical little critter was telling us.

The best way to stay in the now is to cultivate the practice of gratitude. Gratitude catapults us beyond our relentless habit of comparing and judging, and our gnawing need to understand – activities that are linked to concepts originating in the past and iterating into the future. When we learn to find grace in everything we perceive, we are ready to accept Rocky’s invitation to master the art of desuetude (letting go of old ways of being) and embrace the world of omnitude, in which we feel one with the cosmos. When that happens, all considerations of past and future collapse into the black hole of the now.

Jean-Claude Gerard Koven is a writer and speaker based in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. He was a featured weekly columnist for the UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum and is the author of Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense, recipient of both the Allbooks Reviews Editor’s Choice Award and the Award for the Best Metaphysical Book of the Year.

©2004 – 2021. Jean-Claude Gerard Koven / All Rights Reserved.


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