Angels in Our Midst

Now that we are in the throes of the long-awaited shift, humans are being graced with the presence of angelic beings to help us with the transition. From the moment you meet one of these exquisite beings, your life will be forever changed.

I recently returned from a weekend speaking engagement at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Seattle. If I were a professional ballplayer, I would say that I stayed long enough for a cup of coffee. But as anyone who’s met me can attest, I can pass for a lot of things but a play-for-pay athlete isn’t one of them. I actually stayed just the right amount of time, and although I had several cups of Joe – all of them decaf – I also received the gift of a lifetime.

I won’t go into detail on what transpired for a few good and sufficient reasons, the most compelling of which is that I am not quite certain what really happened. However, whatever it was has opened up new avenues of exploration that have already impacted my life.

During the course of a conversation with lady attending my talk, she suddenly looked at me intently and said, “I don’t usually share this information, but I’ve been allowed to visit heaven without actually having to die.” Intrigued, I asked her what it was like. She smiled and explained that human language’s modest palette didn’t offer the means to express the fullness of it. Would I like to know what it feels like, she asked. Being the adventurer that I am, I of course agreed. She then hugged me, and for a time the “I” that is involved in the business of the illusion ceased to be.

I was instantly transported into a field of love so pure and unconditional that every part of me willingly, joyously, eagerly succumbed. For that glorious, infinite instant, I was propelled into the next density that awaits all humanity after the shift. I was allowed, through this angel on earth, to experience heaven. When I reluctantly returned to this sphere of existence, her smile served to ease the transition.

As I emerged from my reverie, I remained filled with love. For the first time I understood the feeling that instantly wells up in us whenever we see divinity in another being. It is love so complete and unconditional that it begs to be expressed. It makes you want to hug everyone you meet. It commands you to shout out from every rooftop, every mountain, “Why can’t you see yourself as I see you? Don’t you know who you are? Can’t you feel the love all around you?” But I long ago realized how futile it is to speak softly to the deaf or spread swirls of color before the blind.

I have been unwittingly battling this dilemma for years. How do I tell someone how much love I have for him or her without giving the impression that I’m in love with them? Is this concept simply too subtle for Republican and Democrat, Christian, Jew, and Muslim, or any of the other artificial categories of separation we Earthlings employ?

I long for the time and place where I can once again express a simple fullness of love without having it imply sexuality or a desire to “take it to the next level.” I long to find the way to allow the human angel in each of us to emerge freely, without fear of being misunderstood. I long, it would seem, for many things, and this longing is what motivates me and carries me from day to glorious day.

I am back in my home office now, recounting the highlights of a grand adventure. Whoever returned from that memorable weekend in Seattle was certainly not the same being that stepped onto the plane to begin the journey. I am eternally grateful for having been blessed with such a magnificent gift.

As I revisit the several speaking engagements I’ve had over the past months, I realize that each presented me with a delightful and unexpected surprise. What they all had in common, of course, was me. I was willing to disrupt the flow of my routine, travel to a faraway place, and be both open and available to whatever might come my way. There was never expectation, only fulfillment beyond my wildest dreams.

My wish is that these adventures will never end, that I continue to have the means and desire to travel wherever I am called and share with others the love I feel, that I continue to be imbued with courage and curiosity, and that I allow my heart to lead, letting my mind follow if it wants to. And I wish all these things for you as well. Surely they will flow to you, as they do to me, should you choose to allow it. Great things await you, but first you must make the effort to reach out to them.

Jean-Claude Gerard Koven is a writer and speaker based in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. He was a featured weekly columnist for the UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum and is the author of Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense, recipient of both the Allbooks Reviews Editor’s Choice Award and the Award for the Best Metaphysical Book of the Year.

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