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Archive of past articles for the UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum by Jean-Claude Koven

Each article is approximately 1,000 words in length and delivers a complete, stand-alone teaching. You are free to use any (or all; one per issue) of these articles to reprint in your publication, provided you include the entire tag line appearing at the bottom of each article. If you are reproducing the article in electronic format, please use the link to the article. Thank you.


You’re Betting Your Life On It

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. If there’s any truth to those ancient legends, you have precious little time left to make the most important wager of your life. Before dismissing this as new-age mumbo-jumbo, you’d best know exactly what’s at stake ...
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You Are What You Bleat

What you talk about often reveals more about you than might suspect. Small talk makes for small minds. Here’s how to tell whether you’re saying something meaningful or simply spewing fluff in an attempt to impress your listeners ...
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You and Me, Babe

We all crave the ideal relationship with the one person that destiny meant us to be with. That perfect someone out there is just as eager to connect with you. Here’s how I finally found my true soulmate ...
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Why Shift Happens

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. Our entire solar system has entered a highly charged portion of space that is triggering a complete reordering of life as we know it. Here’s an inside look at the most significant shift in the history of this planet ...
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Why God Won’t Save Us

A lot of people are asking: why an omnipotent, loving, compassionate God would allow such worldwide pain and suffering to continue? Surely this could not be part of the divine plan. Or is it? ...
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When Bees Disappear, Can Humankind be Far Behind?

Honey bees are suddenly vanishing all over the world. According to Albert Einstein, this is a certain signal that humankind may not have much time left. Is nature giving us final notice that we’re in serious trouble? ...
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Whatever the Question, Love is the Answer

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. With each passing day the gathering storm clouds that threaten the lives of humankind darken. Every effort to stave off the inevitable and achieve lasting peace has failed. Perhaps it is time for us to adopt a new game plan? ...
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We’re Flipping Out

The recent tragedies in Virginia and Texas are far less isolated than any of us are led to believe. Connecting the dots threatens the dominion of many powerful, vested institutions. Here’s what they’d prefer you never knew ...
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Us versus Them

Humans are a gullible lot. Since we were little, we’ve believed almost everything told to us by our parents, our school teachers, the clergy, our friends and almost anyone else that assumed authority. Now we’re being challenged to rethink our priorities and discard outdated beliefs ...
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An Unsolved Mystery

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. Some of life’s mysteries are never meant to be solved. Others have explanations so bizarre that they leave us contemplating the sound of one hand clapping. The universe often has strange and mysterious ways of teaching us things ...
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Engaging in Unprotected Cellular Communication

The overwhelming majority of the world’s 2.5 billion cell phone users are exposing themselves (and others) to unprecedented risk. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones from this insidious danger ...
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Two Feet Upwind From the Gas Canister

Everything in our life has the potential to teach us a profound lesson. The challenge is to be present, curious, and open enough to absorb it. Your major lessons come, as you no doubt have already experienced, from the most unlikely sources ...
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The End of Times

By Jean-Claude Gerard Koven. In the early part of the millennium, the people of planet Earth underwent the most monumental shift in their history. Some made it, many did not. This is the story of their epic struggle to break free of the illusion that entrapped them for the last 75,000 years ...
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Telling it Like it Is

We all have gurus. Even if they don't have Sanskrit names, speak with a subcontinental lilt, or wear flowing robes, they can turn out to be our greatest teachers – provided we recognize them when they grace our lives ...
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Teenage Suicides on the Rise

The sudden increase in school-age suicides is baffling the authorities. Are more drugs the answer, or is there something vital that the teachers, doctors, and even the children themselves have yet to realize? ...
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Talking to God

Most religions make God so large and distant that only saints and prophets are deemed worthy of direct contact. What utter nonsense; God’s personal guidance is available to all of us, once we learn where to find it ...
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Taking Flak

Nothing invites heated debate more than calling one’s religious beliefs into question. It’s curious that so many people find the need to defend their particular path by attacking those who dare to let their curiosity explore dogma ...
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Surviving the Shift – Part Two

You may be one of the millions of people suddenly affected by one of the four major symptoms of the Shift Syndrome. Here’s what you need to know to move through this with minimal discomfort ...
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Surviving the Shift – Part One

Everything on planet Earth is changing dramatically. If you are suddenly beset by unusual physical symptoms such as increased stress, inability to sleep, depression and unexplained pain, you may have the first warning signs that you are not coping with the shift ...
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When Suicide Bombing is Justified

According to a recent national poll, an alarming number of American Muslims condone suicide bombing. The debate is not as simple as it first appears ...
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  • Why Humans Make Lousy Lovers We are attracted to sex because of the powerful energy it can generate. Unfortunately, few of us have ever experienced this dynamic expression of universal love beyond its lowest levels. Sex offers a rich, pleasurable, and potent road to personal ascension—once you and your partner clear the blockages in your lower three chakras.
  • Where in God’s Name Did We Go Wrong? How can so many people who claim to love God hate each other? Why didn’t our all powerful, loving God stop us from creating the mess we’re now in? Somewhere along the line, our basic belief systems went terribly wrong.
  • We’ve Been Living in a Dream World The vast majority of us are not who we’ve been pretending to be. We are unwitting charlatans and deceivers fooling others along with ourselves. It’s time to set record straight.
  • Do You Really Want to Know the Truth? Conflict arises solely from the refusal to shift the point from which one views: What you see depends on where your looking from. An interesting exploration of why people perceive so many different versions of truth.
  • Will the World Really End on December 12, 2012? As we approach the calendar date predicted by the Mayans and other indigenous people as the end of our age, this question is becoming an increasingly burning concern.
  • Escaping the Illusion’s Web: Why you’re trapped in your current life and how to change it
  • An Indecent Preposition discusses the difference between perceiving things happen for you instead of to you. This helps to explain the nature of fear and the sense of separation most people feel.
  • Did You Really Mean to Say That? shows how the subject matter of our conversations shapes our lives. Compares the vibrational differences between gossip, relating and exploring.
  • How to Tell if You’re Not From Here explains why so many people feel Earth is not their real home. Lists the classical symptoms that are common to those who came here from distant dimensions.
  • The H Word. Each word we speak or write has a unique vibrational frequency that affects both the sender and receiver. Every time we unconsciously say the overused word “hope”, we actually reinforce belief in a hopeless condition.
  • Who Screwed Up? explores how belief and dualistic, judgmental thinking lie at the root of all personal, social, cultural and international problems.
  • Why Your Life Makes No Sense explains why so many people feel a gnawing void in their lives. Asking, “Who am I?” or “Why am I here?” are meaningless until you understand how ‘here’ came to be.