1 December 2009

The new age luminaries who claim that humanity is about to undergo a massive shift are grievously mistaken. Those who buy into their view could find themselves standing on the dock long after the ship has sailed.

The problem lies not in perception, but in interpretation. It is increasingly clear that the world we once knew is on the brink of collapse. Time and events have long ago overtaken our abilities to process them. Institutions, governments, and ideologies of all stripes and colors are crumbling even as our leaders claim we are making great progress in righting the ship.

What does this all mean? Clearly, everything is changing around us. There is cold comfort in calling this unprecedented process a “shift,” for that word implies a relatively orderly transition from one state to another. I submit, nothing could be further from the truth. A caterpillar does not shift into a butterfly. Rather, it undergoes an abrupt, nonlinear process called metamorphosis – defined as change of physical form or substance brought about by (or as if by) supernatural means.

There is nothing gentle, gradual, or predictable about such a process. Nor is there any guarantee that you or any other human will be ready, able, or willing to cross the energetic synapse that separates third density existence we call “reality” from the new consciousness paradigm awaiting us outside the walls of our energetic cocoons.

As stress levels mount daily, where does one turn to find answers in the chaotic midst of structural crumbling, financial excesses, and geopolitical madness? Increasingly, each of us is being wrenched from our familiar, ingrained patterns, forced to face a new reality with unaccustomed honesty.

If we choose to evolve, we must first overcome a full-blown identity crisis. Who are we if we are not our jobs, our education or intelligence, our position within our family or society? What remains after we’ve been stripped of our beliefs, our nationality, our just causes and preferences?

These are certainly deep, existential concerns that cut to the quick of our being. They rarely resolve spontaneously in some unexpected spark of epiphany. Rather, the understandings that eventually form the bridge spanning the gap between divergent densities are gems, gathered one at a time through meditation, introspection, initiation, and induction.

There is no place we have visited on all seven continents of our globe that offers the initiate the opportunity for parabolic growth found in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The Magical Journey on which you are about to embark provides an almost nonstop succession of exceptional experiences including shamans, healers, seers, rituals, energy grids, and other indigenous interactions that are rarely (if ever) shared with accidental tourists.

Yet, one of the most powerful experiences is spending time among the Quechuas – the native people of the Andes whose culture and language predate the Incas by some one thousand years. They thrive in what most westerners would consider extremely harsh circumstances through the practice of ayni¹. – loosely translated as, “today for you, tomorrow for me.”

Perhaps you will discover, as we did, that these open, ingenuous, and loving people embody everything we one day, aspire to become. It is impossible to share their presence without finding yourself mysteriously transformed.

And then, there’s Machu Picchu. When you enter her (there is no better way to phrase it without diminishing the magnitude of the experience) as a prepared initiate rather than a tourist, you will understand how intimately we are linked to the cosmos and why this singular planetary energy grid was not permitted to be discovered and desecrated by the Spanish conquistadors.

As you can imagine, this Magical Journey is not meant for the casual holiday maker. Only you can determine whether it is appropriate for you, at this time. Because of the intense nature of the planned experiences we have limited the number of participants who will accompany us on this adventure.

If you have already entered you name one the list, then your place is reserved until the end of this month. If you have not already done so, please secure your reservation by completing the attached form and submitting in your deposit as soon as possible. Feel free to share this information with others who might wish to join you, with the understanding that we will only be able to accept twenty-two paid participants.

Both Arianne and I look forward to sharing this remarkable experience with you.

In light and love,
Arianne & Jean-Claude Koven

PS We will be sending you additional information about the optional trip to Bolivia within the next few weeks.

1. Ayni is a Quechua word meaning reciprocity. Ayni is a spiritual law as well as a law of nature. It is at the heart of the principle that underlies the establishment of trust and mutual connection. Simply put this principle can be stated…that as so I give, I will be provided for. This is the sacred trust of being. It is key to health and healing. When we operate in the field of Ayni, we touch a frequency that allows for the possibility of deep connection and nourishment, as well as the possibility for synchronicity and miracles. From the album notes: Ayni by Tito La Rosa & René Jenkins.