September 1, 2010

We’re at the launch pad, suited up and ready for the final checklist before blasting off to Peru and beyond. The level of excitement is reminiscent of little children awaiting Santa’s arrival.

I’m really not supposed to spill the beans (for fun, see:, but I have a direct line to a mole elf at the pole and the word on the ice is that we’re in for a special treat. He (at least I think it’s a “he”) suggests you might want to have a few portrait photos taken and write yourself some personal notes, so you can remember who you once thought you used to be before you discovered you really weren’t you in the first place.

Clue: There’s a whole lotta “yous” in the above sentence and you (the thingamajig that’s got a body that’s got the eyes that feeds the brain that tries to make sense of it all) has absolutely no idea of what that incredibly overused (and utterly vast) pronoun actually means. But you will.

On to the business at hand …

We are attempting to post everything-you-probably-wished-you-had-asked before wondering-why-you-didn’t onto the Prism House Website. The section devoted to the Machu Picchu is called: Journey to Machu Picchu. This letter (along with all previous updates) will appear in the Updates section and all the information regarding travel needs will be posted in the Travel Information section. All the other information (including our personal itinerary) is provided under similarly explicit headings.

The current weather in Cusco is:

59° F

Partly sunny. Refreshingly cool (Their word, not mine).

It might well get to be a few degrees warmer by the time we arrive (we’re approaching their vernal/spring equinox), but expect evenings to be even more “refreshingly cool.” Bring lotsa layers or some cash/credit cards to buy one of the amazing alpaca sweaters available in many markets. Willka T’ika should be about five degrees warmer (See: as it’s lower and in a protected valley.

Time in Cusco is two hours ahead of Los Angeles PDT. If you want to see what time the Peruvians are experiencing at any given moment, go to: This site will also give you updates on weather. I have no idea why they provide conditions in San Sebastian instead of Cusco, but one can only assume they are essentially the same as San Sebastian is less than three miles away.

Please reread the trip information section carefully.
It has a great deal of vital data.


Following are the categories covered:

  • Flight Arrangements and Airport:
  • What to do on arrival in Lima:
  • What to do on arrival in Cusco:
  • Travel Suggestions:
  • Weather: (for all times of year)
  • What to Wear:
  • Departure Taxes:
  • Food/Water:
  • Health and Insurance:
  • Health Tips:
  • Altitude:
  • Immunizations:
  • The Children’s Fund & Needed Supplies You Can Bring:
  • Magical Journey to Peru Suggested General Packing List: [Extremely Important]


In Peru (bottom of page): Itinerary

In Bolivia (bottom of page): Bolivia

Travel well and stay safe.

We will soon be sharing a most wonderful adventure!

In light and love,
Arianne & Jean-Claude

Legal disclaimer: This update was written by Jean-Claude with Arianne’s reluctant permission.