This is our second trip to Peru and we’ve planned our personal itinerary based on our previous experiences. Depending on where your journey starts, the flight times are not the most accommodating and may require some flexibility on your part.

The trip officially starts in Cuzco (Best Western Hotel Los Andes de America) at 1:00 PM on Saturday, the 18th of September 2010. Plan your flights to get to the hotel as early as possible that morning. The one hour and twenty minute flights from Lima to Cuzco start at 5:25 am and continue throughout the morning.

Unfortunately the flight to Lima from Los Angeles doesn’t arrive until a few minutes before midnight – long after the scheduled flights to Cuzco. If you are on that flight (as we are) you have two choices: (1) enjoy the hospitality of the Lima J. Chavez Airport, or (2) grab a hotel for the night and leave the following day. There is a convenient hotel – Ramada Costa Del Sol Lima Airport – right at the airport. That’s what we’ve decided to do. You will need to make your own Lima hotel reservations.

Because we’ll be staying at altitude in both Cuzco and The Sacred Valley, we’ve opted to arrive several days earlier to acclimatize. You’ll see all of our reservations below and as we’ve said in our last posting: any members of the tour are more than welcome to join us for a free-wheeling, totally unplanned, follow-your-gut few days. All we ask is that you pay your own way (the extra nights in Cuzco are $65 shared and $110 single) and have no expectations. Please let Theo (Email: know your flight details into Cuzco as soon as possible. She will book the extra nights in Cuzco for you and arrange transport from the Cuzco airport to the hotel.

If you are joining us for the Boliva Extension then you MUST book LAN Peru flight LP111 on Wednesday, September 29th [Departs: 2:00 PM / Arrives: 2:55 PM] from Cuzco to Juliaca. See the LAN Website for details.

The Bolivia portion of the trip ends with breakfast in La Paz on Monday, the 4th of October. From there you can continue on your own in Bolivia, return to Lima, or fly directly back to your home destination. We will be returning through Lima, but the timing of flights are somewhat awkward. Ask your travel agent to show you the options of booking an open-jaw trip [departing to one city (Lima) and returning from another (La Paz)].

If you are not continuing on the Bolivia and want to return home, then we suggest you book LAN Flight LP076 which departs Cuzco at 11:40 AM and arrives in Lima at 1:05 PM, If you need to make an earlier connection in Lima, please let Theo know (Email: as soon as possible.

Bon voyage!

Arianne & Jean-Claude Schedule:

Monday, September 13th
LAN (LAN Airlines Peru)
LAX (Los Angeles, USA) to LIM (Lima J. Chavez, Peru)
Flight 601 Departs: 1:20 PM / Arrives: 11:55 PM

Monday-Tuesday, September 13th – 14th
Hotel Airport: Ramada Costa Del Sol Lima Airport

Tuesday, September 14th
LAN (LAN Airlines Peru)
LIM (Lima J. Chavez, Peru) to CUZ (Cuzco, Peru)
Flight LP111 Departs: 12:45 PM / Arrives: 2:00 PM

Tuesday – Sunday, September 14th – 19th
Best Western Hotel Los Andes de America in Cuzco
Main group arrives early Saturday, September 18th.
Official trip begins at 1:00 PM on the 18th.

Wednesday, September 29th
LAN (LAN Airlines Peru)
CUZ (Cuzco, Peru) to JUL (Juliaca, Peru)
Flight LP111 Departs: 2:35 PM / Arrives: 3:30 PM

Monday, October 4th
LAN Chile (Operated by LAN Airlines Peru)
LPB (La Paz, Bolivia) to LIM (Lima J. Chavez, Peru)
Flight LA2563 Departs: 2:35 PM / Arrives: 6:10 PM
(One stop in Santa Cruz)

Tuesday, October 5th
LAN (LAN Airlines Peru)
LIM (Lima J. Chavez, Peru) to LAX (Los Angeles, USA)
Flight 600 Departs: 12:05 AM / Arrives: 6:50 AM