Going Deeper Introduction

If you . . .
are deeply saddened by the way humans treat each other,
suffer from allergies and other sensitivities,
feel somewhat alienated, even from friends and loving family,
love to gaze out at the stars,
find yourself thinking that UFOs and channeling might be true,
are more comfortable with plants or animals than with people,
have a sense that you came here to do something important . . .

You may be one of the seventy million Wanderers who are here to assist with the impending shift. These cosmic servers have come to Earth from other dimensions through the Veil of Forgetting. The information in this book is structured to restore their memory. If you are one of them, this book is meant for you.

It has long been predicted that the world as we know it will soon come to an end. The Bible speaks of a great battle, Armageddon, as the omega and alpha-the cessation of chaos and the dawn of a millennium of peace. The Hopi, Mayans, and numerous other indigenous cultures are replete with calendars, legends, and assorted predictions targeting the same moment in time-somewhere between now and the end of 2012-as the termination of civilization.

These early writings-for the most part by unsophisticated and relatively primitive people-are turning out to be astonishingly accurate. According to an increasing flow of esoteric information channeled by psychics all over the world, our entire solar system is indeed passing through the last segment of a great arc representing the final moments of its current state of awareness. We are being told that within a few years, a great shift in consciousness-affecting all forms of Creation-will engulf us like a tsunami advancing inexorably toward our shores.

Apparently, many advanced beings who live well outside the illusions of earthly existence have also known about these precipitous events for some time. Our planet, orbiting one of the larger suns on the remote fringes of one of the 125,000,000,000 galaxies in this physical universe, has long fascinated intergalactic observers. The experiment conducted here has been rich beyond expectation, yet in many ways deeply disturbing.

When the illusion that humans choose to call “reality” was first envisioned, it was meant to be a game board upon which highly evolved beings would “pretend” to forget who they are. There they could play at creating new experiences possible only in the crucible of duality and polarity where belief and emotion are the prime forces of motivation. It soon became apparent that the illusion was too well crafted. The experiment, while interesting, was not going as planned; with each successive incarnation, souls were experiencing greater levels of pain and suffering. Several times in the history of our planet, advanced beings incarnated on Earth to help shift consciousness and offer expanded choices. In each instance, their higher teachings were appropriated by the priesthood and ultimately created more harm than good.

Now that we are well into the anticipated shift, more than seventy million of these advanced beings have already incarnated on Earth. Unlike their predecessors, who kept their full awareness during their time on this planet, these Wanderers-as entities from higher densities are called-agreed to pass through the Veil of Forgetting as they entered the illusion. This means that they took on limited human awareness as well as human form.

They thought that their advanced state would permit them to quickly resolve the distortions of the Veil. They were wrong. At present, fewer than nine percent of these Wanderers have succeeded in cleansing the sleep from their eyes. Like the six billion souls they came to serve, the rest are trapped in the illusion, unable to break free. However, the effect that this small percentage of awakened beings has already made is considerable. Many of the predicted calamities appear to have been averted or at least ameliorated. The massive Earth shifts envisioned by several seers have not occurred, nor have the cataclysmic volcanic eruptions.

Yet all around us-even on the physical plane-the evidence of the shift is unmistakable.

Unfortunately, our scientists are less than forthright. Under extreme pressure by their employers, they are refusing to share openly the grave fears that consume them behind closed doors. A short list of irrefutable scientific facts speaks volumes: the recent sunspot activity exceeds any previous measurement; a report leaked from the Russian National Academy of Science reveals that our solar system has moved into a “different area of space” with higher and more aberrant energy levels than previously noted; the sun’s heliosphere (the magnetic “egg'” radiating from the sun) is now ten times its normal size, creating a glowing, excited plasmic energy field at its leading edge; the atmospheres of five planets (including Earth) are undergoing significant change; several planets have recently undergone shifts in their magnetic pole positions-one of the turbulent changes also predicted for Earth; magnetic shifts on our planet are already so significant that the aeronautical maps used by pilots have had to be revised.

This list could be expanded many times over with more corroborative information. The point is clear: the predicted changes are not in our future, they are here now. The governmental and scientific communities, although well-informed, are at a loss as to what to do. In their desire to keep us calm and secure, they are choosing to conceal rather than admit impotence. Yet despite the confusion within the establishment, what is happening now is no mystery. It is exactly as it was meant to be, and, with full acknowledgment to the Mayan, Hopi, and other seers of the past, it is right on schedule.

To those still struggling beneath the weight of the Veil, breaking free seems daunting. In fact, it is surprisingly simple. All one needs to do is shift the point from which one views and the solution is immediately obvious. The trick, of course, is being willing to let go.

Although bits and pieces of the information contained in Going Deeper have long been available in various teachings, they were not easily integrated. In a sense, it’s like saying all of Shakespeare’s sonnets are contained in a can of Campbell’s alphabet soup-one simply has to know how to rearrange the letters. I realize now that every step in my life was orchestrated to prepare me to become the scribe, so the information presented in this book could arrange itself like the tumblers in an elaborate lock.

This book is offered primarily to those Wanderers and those precious souls within the illusion who have wielded their spiritual machetes sufficiently to hack through the tangles of the Veil and glimpse the first rays of light. Our collective mission on this planet at this time is clear: to help the beings currently trapped within the illusion to move forward-should they wish it. If you are such a person – a Sleeping Beauty who has descended into the dream state behind the Veil of Forgetting – then prepare for the kiss of your prince.

You are about to awaken.