Taken from Going Deeper

Akasha. See Akashic records. .

Akashic records. . An amorphous universal filing system where every thought, word, and action of every human is recorded. These energetic patterns are imprinted on a subtle substance called Akasha (or soniferous ether). The Akashic records – also called the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, and the collective subconscious – are a place where all thoughts from each subconscious mind are available to be read by other subconscious minds. Many people claim it is easy to access the events recorded on the Akasha, making clairvoyance and psychic perception possible. However, reading the Akashic records generally requires altered states of consciousness induced by certain stages of sleep, extreme physical weakness or illness, drugs, and meditation.

All That Is. The One Supreme Infinite Creator. The Oneness. That which is beyond any concept of God. The infinite cosmic hologram of which every aspect of Creation is an inextricable part.

Atlantis (adj. Atlantean). An island nation located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean some 11,000 years ago, said to be populated by a noble and powerful race whose rulers controlled much of Europe and Africa. According to the writings of Plato (in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias), Atlantis was the domain of Poseidon, god of the sea. The legend says that at first the Atlanteans lived simple, virtuous lives, but greed and power slowly overcame them. This angered Zeus greatly, and in one violent surge, the island of Atlantis, its people, and its memory were engulfed by the sea. New-age versions of the story refer to the misuse of advanced technology, crystals, and other sources of immense power as the reason for the island’s demise.An island nation located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean some 11,000 years ago, said to be populated by a noble and powerful race whose rulers controlled much of Europe and Africa. According to the writings of Plato (in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias), Atlantis was the domain of Poseidon, god of the sea. The legend says that at first the Atlanteans lived simple, virtuous lives, but greed and power slowly overcame them. This angered Zeus greatly, and in one violent surge, the island of Atlantis, its people, and its memory were engulfed by the sea. New-age versions of the story refer to the misuse of advanced technology, crystals, and other sources of immense power as the reason for the island’s demise.

Arp, Halton. American astronomer, born March 21, 1927, noted for challenging the theory that the red shifts of quasars indicate their great distance from the earth.

Awareness continuum. See I’s of infinity.

ayahuasca. Quechua Indian: A Vine of the dead.- A hallucinogenic substance derived from a mixture of two plants and varying in potency according to the skill of its maker. While each shaman has his own secret formula for the mixture, true ayahuasca always contains both beta-carboline and tryptamine alkaloids, the former (harmine and harmaline) usually obtained from the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, and the latter (N, N-dimethyl-tryptamine, or DMT) from the leaves of the Psychotria viridis bush. Neither is normally psychoactive in oral doses, but the combination of the harmala alkaloids in the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, embodying powerful short term MAO inhibitors, and the DMT-containing Psychotria viridis leaves produce what has been described as one of the most profound of all psychedelic experiences.

barista. Someone professionally trained in the art of espresso preparation, or someone who excels at espresso making regardless of their training.

boytchik, zay gezunt. Yiddish: boytchik – affectionate term for boy; zay gezunt – stay well, goodbye, bless you (often said when someone sneezes).

brain/mind. A method of processing information that theoretically combines input from the intellect (the left-brained, rational, thinking mind) and the intuition (the right-brained, creative mind). In humans operating at the lower, egoic level, usually one portion dominates, limiting or totally blocking the countervailing input of the other portion. Unlike the heart/mind (which see), the brain/mind operates at the local (see space/time) level without the benefit of input from nonlocal (see time/space) sources.

catalyst. In chemistry, an agent that provokes or precipitates a reaction and enables it to take place under milder conditions, such as a lower temperature. In metaphysics, an outside stimulus that enables a being to observe, react, and learn. Typically, catalysts (incarnational experiences) are organized to repeat until the being has processed the information sufficiently to gain the requisite awareness.

chakra. A physical or spiritual energy center in the human body according to yoga (Hindu/Buddhist) philosophy. These are the storehouses of various imprints and distortions (which see) reflecting the individual’s experience within the illusion (which see). They are also the contact points through which the Universe and the individual interact. The seven major chakras run vertically up the middle of the body, starting at the perineum and extending just above the crown of the head.

chi più sa, meno crede. Italian: The more one knows, the less one believes.

chonic. . Referring to CHON, the acronym for carbon-hydrogenoxygen- nitrogen, the requisite components of biological life.

CMS. An acronym for chonic (which see) myopic syndrome – the inability of scientists to consider intelligent life outside of the conventional view of biological form.

Council of Nine. The members of the Council of Nine (often called simply “the Nine” represent the nine expressed aspects or principles of creation, part of the universe’s sacred geometry. They are not, and never have been, in physical form. They form a nonlocal (see time/space) presence that permeates the universe so as to maintain the balance of Creation. They have significant interest in Earth at this time because of the impending shift into the fourth density (see densities) and the particular aspect of the Grand Experiment (which see) that affords humans on planet Earth the opportunity of accessing and directing Free Will for the first time.

crevolution. A coined word combining (and mocking) the seemingly opposed theories of evolution and creation.

density. Any one of the eight levels of Awareness defining the eight levels of Creation. Each density is subdivided into seven dimensions, each of which is again divided into seven, ad infinitum. The octave of densities contain successively higher quantities of light energy or spiritual mass, thus offering infinite Consciousness (All That Is), in the form of the individuated Awareness, a plethora of conditions under which to experience itself.

The first density is the realm of the elements – water, minerals, air. The second density is the domain of plants and animals. The third density is the human condition. The fourth – the density the Earth is shifting into – is the classroom of Compassion. The fifth density balances the lessons of the fourth with Wisdom. The sixth is the unifying density in which the path of service to self and the path of service to others (which see) merge. In the seventh, or gateway, density the individuated Awareness as part of a social memory consciousness (which see) gains access to the Great Mystery. The eighth density represents the Creator. Each density offers a unique range of catalyst (which see) designed to satisfy a particular curriculum. As the lesson of each successive density each is mastered, the individuated Awareness progresses to the next density until it is finally reunited with the Creator in the eighth density, only to emerge anew into yet another octave of Creation while simultaneously reentering into the first density of the cycle just completed.

distortion. A state of variance from the pure state of the One Supreme Infinite Creator. All Creation beginning with Free Will and Love/Light through the manifestation of galaxies and intelligent life forms is distortion. Distortions are evident at every level of consciousness and in all the densities, providing limitless opportunities to experience and learn.

ego/soul/God continuum. See I’s of infinity. .

espavo. Lemurian: Literally, thank you for taking your power. Used as a greeting for both “hello’ and “goodbye.” The word’s vibrational matrix helps people reconnect to ancient memories of their true origin.

eureka. From the Greek heureka: I have found (it). The exclamation attributed to Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes on discovering a method for determining the purity of gold.

foigel. Yiddish: Smart guy.

Free Will. The first distortion (which see) of the One Supreme Infinite Creator. Free Will allows Awareness to self-determine its range of experience and is available to all consciousness in the third density (which see) and above. Free Will differs from free choice. The latter is a function of preference or bias based on belief or reaction to previous physical, mental and/or emotional experience. Free Will deals with the larger picture and advances the individuated Awareness through the densities. If the eight densities were a chess board, Free Will would determine the way the piece moves from one square to another; free choice would determine where in the square the piece would like to rest.

Gerris remigis. . Species name of the common water strider of the insect order: Hemiptera (true bugs); Family: Gerridae (water striders). A water bug that looks a lot like a big mosquito walking on the surface of ponds, slow streams, marshes, and other quiet waters. quiet waters.

goomba Slang: A companion or associate, especially an older friend who acts as a patron, protector, or adviser. Probably alteration of Italian compare, meaning godfather.

Grand Experiment. The experience of individuated human Awareness within the third density (see density) on planet Earth. The perception of space/time (which see) reality that forms when one passes through the Veil of Forgetting (which see). Also called the illusion, reflecting the experience of those who have passed through the Veil. The distortions of the Veil create the impression of separation from source and the apparent realities of duality and polarization, affording a rich environment for a wide range of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual experiences unavailable to individuated Awareness in the other densities.

Great Cosmic Triangle. Conceptual equilateral triangle representing the completion of the lessons gleaned from the fourth (Love/Compassion), fifth (Wisdom), and sixth (Power) densities (which see). Love/Compassion, Wisdom, and Power interact as the building blocks of Creation. Mastery at balancing the three sides of the triangle opens the doorway to the realization that All is One.

harvest. The end of each density cycle, when those participants who have mastered the lessons of the cycle move to the next density. Akin to graduating after having taken the full curriculum and passing the final exams.

heart/mind. A method of processing information that synthesizes the data streams from both the rational, intellectual brain and the emotional, feeling brain (see brain/mind). Because the heart/mind operates at the nonlocal (see time/space) level, it transcends the perceptions of the egoic I (see I’s of infinity), which tend to be based on emotion, personality, and preferences. Instead, it processes incoming information in terms of archetypes or universal truths to arrive at a higher, more balanced state of understanding. The heart/mind is in constant two-way communication with the collective Consciousness, the All That Is (which see).

I-continuum. See I’s of infinity.

I’s of infinity. The infinite continuum of points from which an Aware being views (see point from which one views). These range from the lower, egoic human I (see Grand Experiment), where the individuated Awareness perceives itself as separate from All That Is (which see), to the point of view of God, in which all Creation is recognized as one. The lesson of each density (which see) requires that beings advance progressively higher, releasing old viewpoints as they gain greater perspective on the meaning and purpose of Creation.

illusion, the. See Grand Experiment.

infinite continuum of I’s. See I’s of infinity.

Jainism. A religion of IndiaChistorically traceable to the jina (Sanskrit: saint) Vardhamana Mahavira of the 6th century B.C. – having scriptures, temples, an organized religious practice or system of worship, and a monastic class. Jainism maintains that while gods control the realm of time and matter, no being higher than an absolutely perfect human soul is necessary for the creation or moral regulation of the universe. Jainism also teaches the personal ideal of the kevalin (Sanskrit: one who is set free from matter – a liberated soul), achievable through usually numerous lives in the pursuit of right knowledge, right faith, and right conduct, which includes ahimsa (Sanskrit: refraining from harming or taking the lives of others ) and veneration of the jinas (often involving images).

kinesiology, applied. A system using muscle testing to evaluate neuromuscular function as it relates to the structural, chemical, and mental and physiologic regulatory mechanisms. Originating within the chiropractic profession, applied kinesiology has multidisciplinary applications.

Kofutu. See Mantura. Kojiki. Japan’s creation myth, compiled in 712 C.E. by O No Yasumaro. The quest for Izanami in the underworld is reminiscent of the Greek demigod Orpheus’s quest in Hades for his wife, Euridice, and, even more, of the Sumerian myth of Inanna’s descent to the underworld.

kundalini. Sanskrit: Derived from kundala, ring. The yogic life force that lies coiled at the base of the spine until it is aroused and sent to the head to trigger enlightenment.

Law of One. Everything in the universe is One. Infinity is One. All aspects of Creation are facets on the infinite diamond of All That Is. All Consciousness is drawn from the One (see Myth of Creation) and continually returns to the One in a never-ending dance of self-exploration.

Light/Love. The energetic flow informing every aspect of Creation while connecting it and drawing it back to All That Is. In the Myth of Creation (which see) Free Will (which see) is the primary distortion (which see) of Oneness. Free Will, requiring a force with which to express itself, manifests Love as its primary distortion. Love, in turn expresses Light, which then expresses form. Conversely, when the vibration of matter is sufficiently raised. it becomes first Light, then Love, and ultimately returns through Free Will back to the Oneness. Consequently each aspect of Creation is expressed in terms of its Light/Love quotient, which becomes progressively brighter as one advances back to Source. See also Love/Light.

local time. See space/time.

Love/Light. The transposition of “Light/Love” (which see) so as to emphasize the Love element over the Light. Love/Light is the enabler, the power, the energy-giver. Love/Light depicts the creative thrust of manifestation that occurs when Light has been impressed with Love. By contrast, Light/Love completes the circuit by expressing the flow of Creation back to source.

maiven. Yiddish: Expert, connoisseur, authority. Often used sarcastically.

Mantura. A system of intellectual and spiritual development, developed in ancient Atlantis, embracing twelve general areas of study, including Kofutu. The system was mastered by Atlantean Tanra Samati Tamarasha. When his physical life ended in the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis, he was anointed Master of the Kofutu System and made Keeper of the Kofutu Symbols. The teachings have recently been transmitted to Earth through the channelings of Frank Homan.

mind/body/emotion/spirit complex. A term referring to individuated third-density (which see) Awareness, or human beings, reflecting the fact that each human is a four-tiered energetic form. While these four factors are functionally inseparable, each operates in its own field, allowing the human being the full range of experience in which to process the catalyst (which see) of each incarnation. Each experience is first offered to the spirit portion of the complex; if the lesson is too subtle and is missed, it is passed on to the emotional/mental (mind) portion. If the lesson is also missed there, it is passed on to physical level – frequently as an accident or illness.

mishegas. Yiddish: Craziness. Example: What kind of mishegas is that? .

Myth of Creation. The unfolding saga of the Creator’s desire to know itself more completely. From the Oneness sprang Free Will, which emanated Love. From Love came Light, and from the outpouring of the Love/Light energy, drawing from the infinite intelligence of All That Is, all Creation came into being. Our physical universe, defined by the eight densities, is but one of an infinite series of universes through which the Creator explores new and varied aspects of its being.

namaste. Sanskrit: Literally, salutations to you. Used as a greeting for both “hello” and “goodbye.”

Nine, the. See Council of Nine.

nonlocal time. See time/space.

Omnitude. A coined word meaning “beyond gratitude,” referring to appreciation of what one is rather than what one has..

Oneness. See All That Is.

oy. Yiddish: Abbreviation of the interjection oy vey or oy vey is mier. Generally expressing a negative emotion ranging from tiredness or sadness to martyrdom, anger, annoyance, etc. Also used as a disapproving sigh. It’s meaning tends to be contextual: the stronger the emotion, the more appropriate one of the longer forms is. Examples: Oy, it’s so hot outside. Or: Oy vey, three tests this week! What will I do? But: Your mother? Cancer? Oy vey is mier. I’m so sorry.

point from which one views. The position along the infinite continuum of I’s, or the I’s of Infinity (which see), from where one regards the catalyst (which see). Like the ever-changing perspectives one achieves while climbing a mountain, the successive points from which one views as one gains in Awareness offer ever-greater understanding of the panorama of Creation. The point from which one views is distinct from one’s point of view, which refers to the conclusions one draws based on perception and experience.

Rachmaninoff, Sergei. Russian composer (1873B1943). His piano concerto number 3 in D minor, Op. 30, featured in the movie Shine, is considered by many pianists the most technically demanding work in the concerto repertoire.

Ramayana. (Pronounced rum-eye-ana). For the past two thousand years the Ramayana has been among the most important literary and oral texts of South Asia. This epic poem provides insights into many aspects of Indian culture and continues to influence the politics, religion and art of modern India. The story of Prince Rama (1200B1000 B.C.), considered the seventh incarnation of the god Vishnu, was recorded by Valmiki c. 400B200 B.C.

path of service to others. The path of positivity, embracing self-less, openhearted giving. The seeker has the intention of serving others rather than self. At least 51 percent of one’s thoughts, words, and deeds must be for the benefit of others in order to graduate from the third to the fourth density (which see) along this path. Also called the path of that which is, or unity.

path of service to self. The path of negativity, through which the seeker attempts to control others. This highly disciplined path requires at least 95 percent of one’s thoughts, words, and deeds to be for personal gain in order to graduate from the third to the fourth density (which see). Also called the path of that which is not, or separation.

Prime Mandate of Creation. The purpose of Creation is to allow the Creator to know itself more completely by knowing itself in all its possible aspects (see Myth of Creation). Thus the driving force behind every individuated aspect of Creation is to seek new experiences in order to learn. Since each individuated aspect of Creation is defined and limited by its Light/Love (which see) quotient, or the point from which it views (which see), it can view Creation only in terms of its own survival. Hence the Prime Mandate of Creation becomes: “What’s in it for me?” As the individual’s Awareness grows and its understanding of the Law of One (which see) increases, its view of self expands until it finally realizes its identity with the One Supreme Creator.

seychel. Yiddish: Reason, common sense. Example: If you had a little more seychel you wouldn’t give him a single dime. .

social memory complex. A group of higher-density (which see) entities – entities of the fourth, fifth, or sixth density – in which the mind/thoughts/memories of one are freely available to all. Individuals connected to such a group retain both individual and group consciousness with full awareness.

space/time, space/time continuum. Reality as it is seen within the illusion, offering the guise of linear time in which the universe seems to have a past, present, and future. Space appears to be fixed and time (as well as objects and events) move through it. Also called “local time.” Compare time/space.

sweetgrass. (Hierochloe odorata) Used by Native Americans for scenting the floors of their tents and in ceremonies and costumes. Live plants can be grown around the house, as living incense. In Northern Europe (particularly Russia) it is known as Mary’s grass, and was strewn on church steps on saints’ days. Also known as zebrovka, seneca grass, holy grass, and buffalo grass.

time/space, time/space continuum. Essentially the complement of space/time (which see). This inverted view sees Creation as an Infinite Instant in which all events occur simultaneously and past, present, and future are not fixed linearly. From the perspective of a third-density (which see) being, time/space is an invisible, metaphysical reality accessed through altered states such as deep meditation, hallucinogens, or sleep. Also called nonlocal time. Compare space/time.

toomel. Yiddish: A noisy chaos. Example: Such a toomel, I couldn’t hear a single word.

Upanishads. Sanskrit: Vedic treatises dealing with broad philosophic problems such as the nature of ultimate reality, humankind, and the universe.

Uroboros. Greek: The symbol of eternity represented as a snake swallowing its own tail.

Veil, the. See Veil of Forgetting.

Veil of Forgetting. The energetic barrier through which each being passes at birth. It serves to separate the being from knowing who/what it truly is, so it can experience the fullness of a mind/body/spirit complex (which see) in a highly polarized (dualistic) illusion. One of the seven veils (which see). Specifically, the energetic barrier one passes through when one takes birth in the third density. The Veil filters out Awareness of who or what one truly is, so the person fully experiences life in a mind/body/emotion/spirit complex. See also Grand Experiment.

veils, the seven. Energetic fields that define the borders separating the densities (which see). Each veil for example, the Veil of Forgetting (which see) is encoded with specific programs to set up the catalyst, or learning experiences, appropriate to each density.

walk-in. An entity from one of the higher densities (fourth, fifth or sixth) who makes an agreement with a third-density human to take over (enter) the human’s physical body and assume the responsibilities of that person’s incarnation. The human then reposes at an appropriate Light/Love quotient level in the astral realm while the walk-in advances its particular agenda of service.

Wanderer. Entity from the fourth, fifth, or sixth density (which see) who responds to calls for assistance from third-density beings. At the present time there are over 70 million Wanderers incarnate on Earth, the majority from the sixth density. Wanderers are required to come through the Veil of Forgetting, so they must rediscover their call to service during their incarnation. In arriving through the Veil, they emerge as human beings, subject to all of the challenges of the illusion. This allows them to undergo the entire process required for harvest so that they do not infringe on the Free Will (which see) of this planet’s population by appearing to be evolved extraterrestrials.