The hottest metaphysical book of the millennium!
Linda Salvin, syndicated radio show host

This extraordinary work harvests the wisdom of many times and peoples while it gives us new paths and new ways of being with which to engage human and cultural development in the 21 st Century. And this it does with plots and characters as enchanting as they are wise and wildly original. The book is an education in becoming the possible human who can help to create the possible world. Mythic and masterful, it is a work to be read and re-read.
Jean Houston, Ph.D., author, director of The Foundation for Mind Research

Going Deeper is brilliant, creative, engaging, and very timely. It cleverly conveys wisdom and deep spiritual and philosophic concepts using an enjoyable, easy-to-understand format. No one will be able to read Going Deeper without experiencing a consciousness shift.
Jeanine Just,author/lecturer, founder of Visionaries University

Books that deal with issues of planetary survival are generally very tough going. Jean-Claude Koven has written a remarkable book dealing with deeply spiritual and practical issues of planetary survival that is clear, humorous and filled with understanding of, and compassion for, the human condition. It is a book that cannot help but awaken in readers the slumbering realities that are waiting to come to life in each of us. Jean-Claude’s book fulfills the promise of its title — Going Deeper.
Hal Stone, Ph.D., author, cofounder of Voice Dialogue International

Every time I pick up my copy of Going Deeper, I smile, both in appreciation and in anticipation of what new revelations and inspirations I am about to enjoy. Jean-Claude Koven has written a brilliant New Age primer that brings today’s metaphysical and spiritual consciousness to life in an easy yet compelling style. More inspiring and much more likeable than The Celestine Prophecy, Koven’s book will no doubt make a similar impact as word of its message spreads. If you’re like me and will happily entrust your journey to the guidance of a loveable, wise-cracking dog and his oddly-assorted bevy of other-worldly spirit guides, then get ready for a wonderful, mystical exploration of what we call reality. And hold your hat on!
Zsuzsana Summer, author of The Now Age: Demystifying Spirituality, The New Age and the Metaphysical and My Angel ABCs

Going Deeper is a brilliant, eclectic read that seeks to awaken the sleeping. This humorous, mystical tale of a student and his implausible teacher takes the reader through a journey that transforms illusion into reality. A must read for those concerned about planetary survival.
Paul Brenner, M.D., Ph.D., author of Buddha in the Waiting Room

As a fellow Wanderer, I quickly became immersed within the resonating chapters of Going Deeper and the thought-provoking images expressed therein. The truths articulated touched my soul, and lifted every fiber of my being. Going Deeper brings forth the Light, Love and Compassion that we seek on a daily basis, and I highly recommend it to all who seek truth and knowledge.
Jolinda Pizzirani , author of Soul Survivor, Inspirations, and Psychic Princess

Going Deeper unites the author and the reader on a magical journey of the Self. Jean-Claude’s inventive story weaves together both timeless and timely universal truth, revealing our real potential in this eternal NOW moment – the wisdom and power of love.
Harold W. Becker, author, founder of The Love Foundation and Global Love Day

Going Deeper is not a book I would normally pick up. But I was compelled by the call to the Wanderers. I have long suspected that I was one of them, and now, there is no doubt in my mind. The material in this book has caused me to remember with astounding clarity. Nothing can ever be the same again. Thank you, Jean-Claude.
Jack Barnard, author and speaker

The world needs this book. I am spending every minute with it that I can and plan to take it upstairs when I retire. Upstairs or down, it goes with me. Two more of my friends have already ordered it and I sent the info to everyone in my address book. I love the way you communicate with God.
Dr. Audrey Craft Davis, author of Angel Trails and Hidden Truths and Unusual Events of The Bible