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Mr. Koven has tied many New Age Universal concepts into this work of fiction, making it an interesting, unique, and probing read. Going Deeper provides us with practical advice for better living and understanding. Life is about Compassion, Love, and Power. An amazing story, Going Deeper is a thinking person’s guide to higher living. We are taught how to live authentically with the help of our Higher Self.
Angela Hutchinson, proprietor of

I highly recommend the book Going Deeper, especially to those who are drawn to the healing arts and lightwork in general. Author Jean-Claude Koven explores the topic of the Wanderers, those who have come to the Earth at this time to assist humankind in its evolution through these turbulent times. Another interesting note about the book is that his spiritual journey brought him to Joshua Tree National Park, one of my favorite power places and just 6 miles from my new desert home. I always knew that place was special!
Irma Kaye Sawyer, healer, metaphysician, Reiki master

I have been searching for answers to the question, Who am I? and, Why am I here? I have finally found all the answers that I need, in Going Deeper. Even though this book is a novel it has the ring of truth all the way through. I will strongly suggest this book to everyone that I know, as this is truly, exactly, what everyone and the planet desperately need at this time.
Christine Anderson, lightworker

I just finished this amazing book and I want to share my gratitude. While this book will provide a portal into the world of spirit for those at the beginning of their journey, I truly feel this book is essential reading for lightworkers. Going Deeper will validate and nurture the lightworkers’ role in bringing a higher level of consciousness to ourselves and the planet. Going Deeper is a great contribution to humanity. May you be blessed by this work.
Debbie Milam, founder of the Creating Peace Project

Going Deeper arrived at the precise time in my life when I was learning to reclaim my own power. I have referred to it almost every night while trying to come up with the correct wording for my current project. You should see my copy — full of highlights and underlinings, and words in the margins. It looks like I’ve had it for years! If you are interested in learning how to go deep within to meet your true self, if you’ve always wondered WHY you feel different than most of your friends do, if you haven’t stopped in nature lately to truly SEE and FEEL your surroundings, if you think you truly are not of this world, I urge you to get this book and begin studying. Every word is truth. Although many in the literary field may try to classify it as “New Age”, a more appropriate classification would be “Old Age”. Nothing in this work is new. We’ve just forgotten and not realized, that’s all.
Alexis, proprietor of

I am BLOWN AWAY! I can’t believe how many times I just went into info overload and had to put it down or just fell asleep—in a good way!!! Always it was when something I’d just read had amazed me and started my head spinning. Going Deeper has a million gems.
Pat Bush, owner, Evolutionary Products

I just finished reading your book and am completely fascinated with it. The opening paragraph in the introduction struck me so profoundly that I couldn’t put the book down. I am already trying to put the principles in the book to use in my personal/professional life … the book is wonderful, profound and certainly life changing.
Janet Hickox, promoter, Mystik Moon Promotions

Memories of my own experiences along the path came forward. Going Deeper is funny, rich and effective. This book is a great “wake up call” for those of us Wanderers who have lost our way. I will highly recommend this book to everyone I know.
Susan-Sanders-Kinzel, web developer

I have done some wow workshops of recent and had some wow people in my life as well, but I have not been confronted to such a degree, with no escape, with my awareness jumping out of my skin, with my excitement, having me trembling constantly (I’m writing this at 4 am). I now have to also work on getting more understanding of your book – reread it with pen and notebook handy; it’s the end-game bible — 3rd dimensionally speaking.
David Midalia, Magic Apple Wholesale Diner, Burleigh Australia

This is the book the World has been waiting for. Going Deeper lives up to its name and Jean-Claude eloquently unlocks the answers to who we are and why we came. One can’t help but “wake-up” after reading Going Deeper.
Rev. Francine Milano, cofounder of

Going Deeper is truly a remarkable piece of literature. It is easy to read and brings back memories that one had forgotten. My life is changing due to this book and hopefully if enough Wanderers awake, the world will change. The energy from this book is fantastic.
Jackie Yost, Ph.D., Congregational Church minister

An amazing book full of all the information a New Age seeker of truth needs to help unravel the mysteries of life on Earth. We were all spellbound from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed the humorous manner in which Jean-Claude Koven’s characters presented their Universal knowledge. This will become a classic.
Tony & Robyn Abbott, authors, teachers and workshop facilitators

Going Deeper… I have been spending every available minute with this beautiful story of truth. Jean-Claude has written my truth as I have always known it. I admire his elegant story and the way he has worked with the 26 pieces of the elephant I plan to share his book with everyone I know. Just today, a client came to see me from the Bakersfield area. In the course of our time together, she asked whether I read or heard of the new booked called Going Deeper. Imagine my face with a smile and saying, “Of course, and would you believe that Jean-Claude and his beautiful wife Arianne are what I consider my journey-mates and dear friends.” Boy, were my proud feathers puffed! She said she received an email from someone telling she must read this book and she ordered it right away, she said she couldn’t put the book down and is recommended it to everyone.
Marilyn Nicholas, healer, teacher, metaphysician

This is the most amazing and brilliant book I have ever read, and my library is replete with many mystical works and wonders. As soon as I read the last word, I will turn to page one and start anew. This book has changed my life at levels of myself that I wasn’t even aware existed.
Deborah Coyne

I’ve never read anything like Going Deeper. This book will blow open the doors of confusion with clarity and alacrity that is beyond anything I’ve encountered elsewhere — and I’ve read a lot of what’s out there. It’s a wonderful humorous story that bypasses a lot of the intellectual snares which people like me get trapped into. I couldn’t put it down; I was tired, but wired. It’s an amazing feat of grace and a divine gift.
Daphne Karandandis

Going Deeper took me to new levels of experience. Be prepared to be awakened by the triggers or keys cleverly woven in the story. When you approach this book with an open mind, freeing yourself from long-held beliefs and allow your soul to breath in the awareness, the results are exhilarating. After finishing the book, the learning has not stopped there. After you read Going Deeper you will want to reference it often and pass on the newfound awareness. I continue to get new revelations daily.
Lisa Simmons

Going Deeper is the most amazing and life-changing book I have ever read. It is a guide and a light in my life at the perfect time, and it is helping me to re-awaken on a level which is beyond words.
Shayne Manne

I received your book last week and started reading it right away. The recognition and confirmation I find in your writings sweep me off my feet. It feels like I could have written this myself, the resonation is beyond words. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beauty of your Truth, which is mine also.
—Waldemar Boot

“A witty, wistful, way out work of wonder, Distilled from dimensions far beyond our view; Waxing on the wings of a waning world, To wake the Wanderers before it is too late. Calling to remembrance, to action, Striking chords so dissonant, yet clear;
A message strangely worded, hard to fathom, Yet so hauntingly familiar…”
Sharon Iezzi, proprietor of

I wish to bring to your attention a remarkable new book that I have just read. It is entitled Going Deeper by Jean-Claude Koven. Written in the form of a novel, the book is not literary fiction or fantasy, for the metaphysical insights that Jean-Claude presents reflect the most universal aspects of many great wisdom traditions. True to its name, Going Deeper takes us on a journey through creation and helps us to probe the mysteries of the universe in ways that we may never before have contemplated.

That Going Deeper is a book which is not easy to summarize is a testament to the scope of its insights, awareness and teachings. Jean-Claude is a penetrating thinker who has spent more than forty years studying with some of the world’s great teachers and has first-hand experience of esoteric truths.

If you have enjoyed the “Conversations with God” series of books, I believe that you will richly benefit from reading Going Deeper. This work is being well received by leading figures in the metaphysical community. For instance, Jean Houston describes Going Deeper as “mythic and masterful, . . . a work to be read and reread.”

Going Deeper, the subtitle of which is How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense, will appeal in particular to those of us who feel that much of what we see transpiring in our nation and the world at large is alien to our nature and consciousness, in part because we originate from a higher density or dimension as explained in the book. I encourage you to learn more about Going Deeper and what others have said about the book by exploring the author’s website. Click on the following web link or go to
John Afton