What’s Really Happening?

What’s Really Happening?

by Jean-Claude Gerard Koven

As I travel about the country and speak before more and more groups, I’m discovering that two questions are foremost on people’s minds. The first is: what is really happening on and to our planet? It’s tough to remain optimistic in the face of what appears to be an endless stream of worldwide calamities and crises—unless one is clued in to the big picture. For the good news is that when the full range and scale of current events is understood, despair quickly gives way to joy. Not only do people come to appreciate that everything is exactly as it is meant to be, but for the first time many of them are being given the opportunity to remember who they are and what they are here on the planet to do.

So here is what’s happening: the Earth, together with all her inhabitants, is smack dab in the middle of the greatest transformation in her history. The entire solar system is passing through a sliver of space called the Photon Belt, a narrow radial extending outward from the central sun (black hole) of the Milky Way galaxy. This band of concentrated energy is designed to trigger a rise in frequency that will shift whatever passes through it – in our own case, the Earth and its inhabitants – into the next density, the promised golden age of peace and love.

The timing of the present shift is far from random. It was set in place long before the first human walked on this planet. Unfortunately, however, the shift has not been proceeding optimally. The vibrations of the Earth herself are steadily rising. But the matrix that creates the third dimension (which comprises reality as we humans perceive it) turns out to have been so tightly crafted that humankind is having difficulty moving beyond it into the next density. The growing vibrational mismatch between our planet and humankind is the major factor causing the hopelessness, negativity, and panic so many people are experiencing and is also the single greatest cause of global warming, which means that humankind’s efforts to reverse this ecological trend cannot succeed so long as we live in such personal disharmony. The disruptions taking place both at the Earth’s core and on her surface – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and uncommon weather patterns – result in large measure from her efforts to deal with the dissonance emanating from her fear-ridden inhabitants.

This transition through the Photon Belt was never meant to blindside an unwary populace. Quite the contrary. It was predicted for millennia by many indigenous cultures and has been part of humanity’s recorded arcane teachings since the beginning of history. However, those who serve the dark side have done their best to keep this knowledge suppressed. For the fifty years leading up to Earth’s entry into the Photon Belt their intent has been to divert people’s attention away from the possibilities for ascension into the fourth density that this brief passage through a highly charged portion of the galaxy offers. Unlike the third density, where dualities such as good/bad, enemy/friend, and right/wrong prevail, the fourth density is characterized by loving compassion founded in oneness. The dark side cannot survive there; thus its driving interest in keeping the world’s population trapped in the third density and under its own control. And so humanity is being fed a steady bread-and-circus diet of wars and Super Bowls, terrorism and Oscars, along with a constant parade of red-herring issues that polarize the population into fundamentalists and free thinkers. So brilliant is the dark side in executing its plan that its victory would seem virtually assured.

This grave dilemma unfolding on Earth was observed by a great many highly evolved entities, most of whom dwell at levels of consciousness as far removed from the consciousness of humans as a human is from a grain of sand. From their exalted point of view, which sees the oneness of all beings and things, the plight of human beings (perceived as parts of themselves) drew their focused attention. And so it was decided that 70 million of these compassionate beings would come to Earth to assist in the transition.

These glorious souls, living among us during the past fifty-plus years, are known by many names: Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wanderers, Planetary Servers, and similar terms in other languages. They are not easily recognized, even by themselves, since passing through the veil of forgetting to incarnate on the human plane required that they release all memories of who they are and why they came. It was assumed that by dint of their high vibrational states they would easily be able to clear the sleep from their eyes and awaken. Unfortunately, once again because of the opacity of the Earth’s veil of illusion and the intensity of the matrix, less than 10 percent currently remember who they really are.

Over time, I’ve learned to recognize these magnificent teammates, and I see many of them in every audience I speak to. They make up the majority of customers in health food stores and yoga studios. They are the ones who naturally gravitate to the magical, mystical, and metaphysical. Typically, Lightworkers feel like fish out of water, strangers in a strange land. They often suffer from allergies and other sensations of being mismatched to the frequencies and senseless games of this illusion. They are usually more comfortable with plants, animals, and small children than they are with adults. Most common of all, these Lightworkers have a gnawing feeling that they have come to this planet at this particular time to be of service, that they have a job to do before they return home.

This article, like most of my talks, is meant to strike a chord of remembrance. We are well past the eleventh hour in the great planetary shift, and all hands are being called on deck. Now that we are directly subject to the high-energy fields of the Photon Belt, the process of awakening has become somewhat easier. The restrictive programming of the veil has been almost completely erased, and beings on this planet are becoming free to explore beyond their customary boundaries of inquiry and perception.

The mission of the Lightworker team is actually simple. It is not our task to tilt at windmills by resisting, exposing, or countering the work of the dark side. That would merely embroil us in their game of fear and blame. We are meant to play in a bigger arena where being always trumps doing. In other words, what we are helps others to awaken to the planetary shift more than what we do. The more we awaken, the greater the amount of light/love energy we can hold and radiate to others. We are the way-showers who hold open the portal to the higher dimension; we neutralize trauma and trepidation with love and light. As we allow ourselves to emerge, others will follow. The trickle will soon become a steady flow of beings releasing the old paradigm and joining us on the journey.

Which leads to people’s second question: what it will be like in the next dimensional realm?  The answer to this question is difficult to articulate. Superlatives like extraordinary, fantastic, and wonderful convey nothing of the actual experience of being there.

Recently, the universe, as it often does, leapt to my rescue. My niece shared with me the draft of a book that her six-year-old son, Levi, is writing and illustrating. He is one of the indigo children, the new generation of souls arriving to replace the old guard on this planet. These harbingers of the fourth density are hybrid beings. Their DNA is specially pre-wired with dual biologies so they can thrive in both the third-density vibrations of the current illusion and the higher frequencies that await us in the fourth. Unlike either ordinary Earthlings or Lightworkers, they come with much of their memory intact. They are incarnating at this particular time to show the way for all those who wish to join them in the next dimension. In fact, many adults who interact with these special children are reporting dramatic spiritual growth as well as activation of some of their own otherwise dormant DNA.

So when little Levi began asking his mother why people on this planet are so mean to each other and why they find it so difficult to be happy – unlike where he had just come from – she didn’t just brush off his remarks as childish prattle or the product of an overactive imagination. Instead, she engaged him in active conversation, assuming the role of student rather than parent/teacher. She and we are richly rewarded by her choice. Levi began recounting what his previous home was like while his mom transcribed every word. Then she asked Levi to draw pictures of what he remembered.

Levi’s words describe the next dimension as well as any I’ve come across so far: “Where I came from is incredible. You could do anything you want. There were a lot of beings there and we would all take care of each other. No one was the boss of us, except for God. We all had good feelings about each other all the time.”

I suspect much wonderment awaits us in Levi’s Promised Land. It is surely a dream worth remembering, worthy of who we really are and what we all came here to do. It has been foretold (Isaiah 11:6) that a day will dawn when “the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; … and a little child shall lead them.” Unless our egos get in the way, you, I, and the rest of humanity are all invited to follow close behind.

Jean-Claude Gerard Koven is a writer and speaker based in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. He was a featured weekly columnist for the UPI (United Press International) Religion and Spirituality Forum and is the author of Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense, recipient of both the Allbooks Reviews Editor’s Choice Award and the USABookNews.com Award for the Best Metaphysical Book of the Year.

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